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Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Catholic Bible Reading Plan

Since becoming a Christian I have used lots of different "read the bible in a year" plans. There are lots out there and they are easy to track down.

So, when I became a Catholic I looked for Catholic reading plans. What a shock it was to find that they are few and far between.

None of the ones I did manage to find seemed to meet my needs, so I fell out of the habit of doing a read through once a year. Oh I carried on reading the bible, but not in the same consistant way.

I realised that this is a discipline which is very profitable for me and wanted to return to it so I decided to make my own plan.

First thought I thought that as I last read the "Catholic" bits I would spend the rest of 2012 reading the "All inclusive bits" which are also in the non-catholic bibles.

I took the amount of chapters in the (non-catholic) bible 1189 (929 in the Old Testament and 260 in the New Testament as compared to 1334 in the Catholic bible) and divided it by the number of of days left in the year which was 255.

So at the moment I am reading four chapters of the Old Testament together with one of the New Testament.

Then in 2013 I will read through the Catholic Bible by following my own newly made up plan.

Monday to Saturday (that's 313 days in a year)

3 chapters of the Old Testament (not including the Psalms that is 924 chapters - 3 x 313 = 939)
1 chapter of the New Testament or Psalms  (giving 313 chapters)

Sunday (that's 52 days in a year)

2 chapters of the New Testament or Psalms (including the psalms that is 410 - 52 x 2 = 104 + 313 from above = 417)

Based on these figures there is a margin built in to allow for illness or other unforseen factor of 22 chapters.

Also because I only have 2 chapters to read on Sunday there is a chance to catch-up if necessary.


Michael said...

That's great. I average just over a chapter a day, so it takes me years to get through the Bible.