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Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Spice of Life......

In the midst of my decluttering and reorganising frenzy I decided that the way I had been storing my herbs and spices was not working for me.

I had some in my tiny drawers in the top cupboards and the rest in a spinning carousel.

I cleared out one of the drawers under my hob and inserted some plastic containers then put all the spices in there.

It worked well except that I could no longer read the lables!

I had recently bought three new jars from Tesco (on special offer) and notice that the had lables on the top too.

Some of mine were a little past their best so today I bought 10 new jars at Tesco (all on offer at 50p each (cheaper that a refill).

They were also doing an offer "spend £20 get £5 off £40 next week", so I split my shopping into 2 lots £20.25 and £20.55 (I also picked up 2 £1 off coupons in the leaflet on the way in and used them) so next week I can get 2 lots of £40 with £5 off each.