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Monday, 19 August 2013

Just to show I care.....

I thought I would share some of my most useful discoveries from my weight loss journey...

When deciding what kind of exercise to do I was strongly drawn back to Callanetics which I had done several times over the years.

It seemed ideally suited to my present lack of fitness, as it is very gently and builds flexibility as well as long lean muscles.

I had thrown away my old videos, not because they were no longer wanted, but because the video format was no longer useful.

So I set about looking for some Callanetics DVDs.

I wanted to get the Beginning Callanetics DVD as it shows the modified positions for different health problems and is a shorter work out - this was one of the videos I had previously used.

But I also wanted to get something new. In the end I opted to pair it with the am/pm dvd as that would give me something new while at the same time keep to shorter workouts.

After time I also added the Cardio Callanetics DVD and the Quick Callanetics which has 3 workouts to target different parts of the body.

Callanetics is very gentle but because it works very deeply on the muscles you have to be careful not to over do it at first.
While looking on You Tube for information on Callanetics I came across a lady who had been giving one of these Magic Measures (by Rosemary Conley) away and it seemed like a really great idea so I ordered one.

There are two sets of plastic tabs, you put the big on your first set of measurements, then after that you put the second smaller set on and these move about over time as your measurements change.

As time goes by it is really encouraging to see the gaps get bigger between the 2 sets of tabs.

Another top tip is to get a workout partner .......


These are mine, not much good for the exercise DVDs or going to the gym, but great for a long walk!

To make keeping an eye on your food intake the diet plate could be helpful....

Keeps things simple, but make sure you get the right on, male or female!

I cut out the sugar in my tea and found that my coffee tasted too sweet so I managed to cut down the sugar in that too!

I have never been fond of drinking water, but the more I drink it the more I am starting to appreciate it!

This site has loads of foodie information...


And above all don't forget to set ......


And when you reach your goal, celebrate and set another one!