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Friday, 30 August 2013

Relationship Building....


August and February are the months I review my relationship goals. I chose these months because that is when I celebrate the Anniversary of meeting my husband and our wedding Anniversary.

If at all possible I my husband and I like to get away for a few days just to be together and during this time we talk over memories of our times together. These memories make a wonderful platform on which to build plans for the future.

It is a great time for me to think about all the things my husband does for me and how we make each other better people and think of things (even little ones) which I can do to make him happier and more content.


As well as my relationship with my husband I also think about how I can build strong ties with other family members and old friends.

It is so easy to let things slide when things are busy and relationships don't build themselves they take work.

This is even more true with old friends who we mean to keep in touch with. So one of the things I did before going away was to arrange a day out with a good friend to look forward to in September.


As well as building old relationships I feel it is time to make some new friends too as I love mixing with people, but these days I see very few as much of my time is spent at home looking after my son.

So before going away I also made an appointment to see the practice nurse at my GP's. The doctor recently told me that there was a new scheme which would refer patients to a slimming club and if I went to see the nurse she could do that for me.

I thought it would be a great idea as it would help me with my weight loss journey and also give me the opportunity to meet some new people. People with whom I already have a common interest.


I am very blessed .... I have a lot to look forward to.