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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

If it aint broke..... Don't fix it!


I have used the same perfume for the last thirty-eight years, but recently I decided I wanted to try something new.....

I love frankincense and myrrh..... because they make me thing of giving to Jesus.... I also like patchouli as it reminds me of my rock chick days.... so when I found a perfume on the internet which contains all three I thought I was on to a winner.

So I found out where I could try it out and off I went with my daughter in tow....As children learn to recognise their mothers by smell before anything else I thought it only fair that her nose should have a say.

Well surprise, surprise.... the new scent was a real stinker.... it started off like a room spray and changed into more of a clinical aftershave....

Time for a detour to the nearest department store perfume department... via a pub lunch!

We spent three and a half hours of spraying and sniffing and laughing and spraying some more...

We did find some very nice smells and an awful lot of not so nice ones, but in the end there was only one conclusion..... none were as good as the one I have been wearing all these years....

Just goes to show ..... you don't always need a change .... sometimes you just need to realise that what you had was perfect for you all along..