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Saturday, 5 July 2014

It's My Birthdays.....

Yes it does say birthdays, plural...... I have just celebrated both of my birthdays, just two days apart ;)

On Wednesday it was my Spiritual Birthday..... 14 years since I became a Christian and then on Friday it was my natural birthday.... I was 52.

So I celebrated both on the day in between by going to Mass at the Cathedral which just happens to have a Catholic book and gift shop on site..... oh my goodness heaven on earth....

I took my grandson and we started off by popping in to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.... then we went for out first look in the shop.

It used to be in Manchester city centre, but relocated to Salford Cathedral just as I became a Catholic which made it difficult for me to get to so I haven't been since!

Maybe it's a good thing that it is hard to reach.... or I'd be broke lol

I ended up buying seven statues which I am delighted with :)

St Peter and St Paul to go either side of my statue of Our Lady of Walsingham
An Immaculate Heart of Mary to match my Sacred Heart statue
Jesus knocking on the door to go with Our Lady of Grace
Madonna of the Wayside who makes a lovely pair with my Joseph the Worker
A larger Our Lady of the Rosary to keep an eye on us in the kitchen
And St Therese of the Little Flower

I also got a few little bits and pieces too..... such a delightful day...