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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Difficult Times

It seems like forever since my last post.

My sons illness which started after Christmas continues and although we have seen improvemnets in some areas, the fatigue he suffers from went from bad to worse. Now the medical people have come to the conclusion that he has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Life has been very difficult and worrying to say the least.

On top of that our fostered child has moved on to a new placement and we don't feel able to take on a new one until things are more sorted out for our son. This of course puts us under more pressure financially.

With all the added stresses I have become very worn out myself and life has become very disorganised and even getting to church has been very difficult.

I realised that I needed to sit down, take the bull by the horns and reorganize every thing and I do mean everything!

But I know that its ok.... I have help!

As long as I put my trust in the Lord, he'll get me through ANYTHING!

This doesn't completely get me off the hook though I still have to do my part to fulfil the vocation that He has called me to.

I have the comfort and assurance of knowing that as long as I do what I can He will do what I can't!