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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Draw Close to Me and I Will Draw Close to You

If I want my Lord to draw close to me then I need to make the choice to draw close to him. Also as I need strenght to accomplish so much at the moment I need to give Christ the chance to give me that strength.

So, the first area which needs organizing is my devotional life .....

I plan to keep it as simple as possible to that my plan is easy to follow and stick to. That way I wont get overwhelmed and I can be flexible with what I want to do as "extra".

I decided that I needed to include some scripture every day along with a simple prayer routine and I also wanted to follow the flow of the liturgical year.

So, I set up my blog to help me..... On the right hand side I have a link to the Morning Offering, the Liturgical Calandar, the Daily Readings of the Church, a wonderful app for saying the Rosary and a link to the Three O'Clock Prayer.

When I get up in the morning I turn on my netbook, make coffee and while I am drinking it I work my way through these basics except the Three O'Clock Prayer which for obvious reasons has to wait till later.

I have also set aside time later in the day to read the bible with my son, we have a copy each of a chronilogical bible set out in 365 daily readings which we use for this.

I finish of the day with Compline (night prayer) when I get into bed.

As well as this I have started going to a bible study on Monday night and want to work out the best times for adoration and confession.