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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Don't Thow the Baby out with the Bath Water.... Especially when it's the Baby Jesus!

Well it's October which means that is now two years since I started pursuing the Catholic Faith.

It has been quite a journey and one that I am glad I have completed.

I love being in the Catholic Church, I am not the first to say it and I will not be the last ..... It was coming home!

But what of the time before that? Almost ten years of being a committed, born again, over the top, really want to get you to heaven Christian.

Do I put aside all that I learned, sources I used to help me grow closer to God, people I have fellowship with............... no of course not!

At different periods in that ten years I was more drawn to different persons of the trinity.

Getting to know God as my Father, falling in love with His Son and crying out to both to help me find the Holy Spirit all of this has been a truly amazing experience.

During my quest into the Catholic Faith, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit have been introducing me to my Holy Mother and helping me to get to know my brothers and sisters in heaven.

Although I would no longer go and take communion in a "non Catholic" situation, there is still much joy for me in the presence of my Christian brothers and sisters who are of a different denomination.

The very thing that started me looking into the Catholic faith in the first place was that I was in a fellowship where they were very anti Catholic. The more they condemned the Catholic church the more I thought "that can't be right... you just can't dismiss the Catholic Church completely because for over a thousand years that was the only church there was".

Because the Catholic church had not always been "perfect" they wanted to write it off. They were trying to throw out the dirty bath water, but had forgotten that the baby was still in it.

The Lord Jesus that they loved so much (and I am sure that they do love him) was (and is) the cornerstone of the very church they condemned, He is the baby in the bathwater!

Now that I am a Catholic (and very happy to be one) I don't want to make the same mistake. I wont write off everything and everyone that has helped me just because it is "Christian" but not "Catholic".

There may still be some bathwater that I will need to get rid of, but as for the baby I will make sure I keep him safe!