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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Finding Beauty in the Ordinary....

My calling to be a wife and mother involves a lot of mundane and routine tasks. These can seem so unimportant and even worthless by the standards of the world, until I consider that they are part of a bigger plan God's plan for my family.

Joy and beauty can be found in the simplest of things especially when you realise you are seeing them in the presence of Almighty God.

The trouble with home making is that the list of "to do's" is never ending. I make this worse because by nature I have no sense of balance.... I don't mean that I keep falling over, but I have a bit of an obsesive personality.

This means that I am great at big projects, such as decorating a room where I like to get stuck in and will literally work till I drop and get it all done in record time, ending up with a real sense of accomplishment.

I am not so suited to the maintaining the daily tasks which make for smooth running of a household.

This is where discipline comes in, together with planing and scheduling.

I am great at planing and scheduling.... not so good at sticking to it. There are so many thing I know make my life easier, menu planning, keeping an inventory of food we have in, keeping to a set bedtime, but still I wrestle against them.

I have read and reaserched lots of information on homemaking and some has been useless to me and some has been really helpful. The Flylady site is a great resourse for anyone who is in a mess and overwhelmed with taking care of their home. I love her principles and although I think there are a lot of great ideas on her site her system does not quite "fit" my families needs.

I took from it what works for us. One of the things I did like was how she splits the home into "zones" which is a great idea, but where she spends a week at a time in one zone I prefer to do a different zone each day.