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Friday, 10 February 2012

Inspired to Seek ....

While on retreat at Hyning I met a lovely man who gave his name as Wild Mad Irish John. He was indeed Wild, certainly Irish and no doubt named John, but he had a peace and joy which marked him out as one of the sanest people I have ever met!

He was what is known as an oblate, or lay associate and offered his help and gave of his skills to the Sisters with Joy and Love.

I have considered the oblate life my self and was deeply moved by his story.

He encouraged me to join them, but I did  not feel that this was the right order for me, as lovely as the Sisters are the "fit" was not quite right. I had considered the Franciscans previously, as a friend of mine is very drawn to them, but I knew that it just was not the right order for me.

So, on return from my retreat I searched for other orders to look into.

I was amazed to find that there was a convent almost on my own doorstep, that I had no idea existed.

I checked out the details on the Internet and was even more amazed (and somewhat amused) to find that they were a Passionist order.

This was the one order I had felt truly drawn to!

My Patron Saint Gemma Galgani (who chose me not the other way round) is a passionist saint and everything I knew about the passionist drew me to them.

So I took the bull with the horns and rang the convent.

It was a strange call to make as I wasn't sure how to start.

I suppose that "We haven't met, but I know you husband!" could be an opening when talking to any Sister.

After quite a lengthy conversation I was invited to the convent for a chat.