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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Why I am Pro Life

Today I received a request to pray for two ladies who are considering an abortion.
I will keep them in my prayers....
and this is why....

I myself had an abortion at 18.

I fell for the lies of the devil that it was only a collection of cells and that I was not doing anything wrong.

Thirty years later I still cry for my baby.
It is the one thing I would go back and change, the one thin I am truly ashamed of.

I know that I have been forgiven because of the wonderful sacrifice of Jesus, but coming to terms with it is a different thing.

It does make it easier to forgive others when I put what they have done beside what I have done!

When my girls where 12 and 13 were were sitting round the dinner table and I told then that I remembered being their age and the girls having a conversation about what there parents would do if they ever got pregnant.

The common opinion was "My patents would kill me/ throw me out".

I explained to the girls that this is not what we would do...

First we would cry...

Then we would support them and care for them.

I also explained that no matter what they chose to do it would effect the rest of their lives, having an abortion would not be the end they would have to live with the decision they had made.

When (if) they had other children they would not be able to look at them without thinking about what could have been for the other baby.

I had this conversation with them before I was a Catholic, in fact before I was even a Christian.

Some women are pro life because they would never have an abortion.
Some women are pro life because they understand what it means to have taken an innocent life.