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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Advent Activity Day

Going to the Church Advent Activity Day has over the last few years become one of our family traditions.

There are usually a few different craft activities going on, such as card and decoration making, but always central to the day is the making of the advent wreaths, although ours are not strictly speaking wreaths at all!

The are simply a plastic holder made to hole a round oasis into which is pushed four candle holders (complete with candles) and various greenery.

They are simple and yet very effective and all the more cherished for being blessed before we take them home!

My daughter who is all grown up comes along with my grandson and when she is making theirs she likes to put some of the ivy I have brought along from my garden because she says it makes it more special.

It was a wonderful day which started off with mass and ended with evensong. Although I did go early so that I could go to confession beforehand (nothing like starting off a new year with a clean slate).

As I am writing this I am sitting by my living room window and it is already getting quite dark outside, just a little more and I will be able to light the first candle.