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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Yahweh be Praised

I love learning about the names of God and how He revealed himself to his people bit by bit by use of them.

I have used different studies on His names and have come to know Him better through them.

This beautiful poem by Jill Briscoe is a wonderful starting place for anyone who has never thought about the names of God.

Yahweh be Praised

When ‘I was not’

Yahweh created me

When ‘I was’

Yahweh redeemed me

When I was ashamed

Yahweh Yiren forgave me

When I was sick

Yahweh Rapha made me well

When I was tired of loosing my battles

Yahweh Nissi won them for me

When I was frightened

Yahweh Shalom frightened my fear away

When I was lonely

Yahweh Shammah promised to take me to his house to stay

Without Yahweh I am nothing

I will be nothing and there is nothing ahead

With Yahweh I have everything I need

As the occasion arises!

Yahweh be Praised

(By Jill Briscoe)