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Friday, 25 November 2011

Ending the Liturgical Year

This is an exciting time standing on the thresh hold of the new Liturgical Year.

It is a wonderful opportunity to look forward to all the possibilities for the coming year and pray that we will spend it in God's will, making our decisions based on what He wants and not on what we want.

We should also be looking back over the year which has passed and ask ourselves how it has gone, giving thanks for all God has done for us and considering what we have done for Him in order to grow in holiness.

Looking back over my own year I see a lot of valleys and hills. I completed my Journey in to the Catholic Church which had been a long one and sometimes not easy, but worth every second to feel the peace of coming home.

My family life has been very difficult this year as my son has been very ill for almost eleven months and I thank God for the breakthroughs which have been made and for His sustaining presence as well as for bringing my husband and myself closer through our trial.

I thank Him too for introducing me to His Mother and giving her to me as my own.

Now it is time to take a deep breath, face forward and ask "What can I do for Him"?