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Friday, 4 November 2011

When life gives you scraps... make quilts

Attitude can often be the difference between being happy and being miserable.

Today my daughter came to see me and told me something which shows that she has certainly learned to "make quilts"!

When my girls were little I used to collect pocket dragon ornaments. By the time they left home I had a lot of them. I gave them to my eldest daughter who eventually got bored with them and passed them on to her younger sister.

Because they were limited addition they have grown considerably in value.

So today my daughter and I were discussing this and whether she would ever sell them. She said that she wouldn't unless it was for something really important - like to put towards a deposit for a house.

Over the years some of them have been broken and mended so those she would not be able to sell, but she said these were the ones she would not want to part with because they meant more to her than the others did.

I thought this was a bit strange until she explained that any damage had been done by her and her sister and that even though I had saved to get them and collected them for a long time I never got angry with them if they broke one. She said that this made the broken ones special!