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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

St Nicholas Day

I have always been a big fan of Santa, after all every Christmas he made my house smell like new dollies!

I even worked for him for a few years, knitting outfits for dolls, if you don't believe this ask my daughters who caught me doing just this when they were little and they will tell you its all true.

Good old St Nick himself is a big believer in the truth and wasn't always the jolly chap we know him as today.

Now I am not suggesting that we follow his lead and take up punching the people we disagree with in the face, but it does make the saints more "human" when we see them occasionally giving in to their instincts.

I wont go into the whole story (its readily available on the Internet, just look up st Nicholas/Arius) but the "gentleman" Nicholas lost his temper with was teaching that Jesus was not divine in nature.

When Nicholas reached the end of his tether he punched Arius in the face and pulled his beard!

Now we know why so few kids actually end up on the naughty list, Santa must remember he could be not so nice himself!

St Nicholas - Pray for Us