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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: Fun (and PURE!) Ideas for Young Adults to Get to Know Each Other

Young people who want to get to know one another better can do any of the things that friends usually do because they need to remember that they have to build their friendship if they want their relationship to last.
How about joining the same fellowship group at church, a prayer meeting or a bible study group.
Or take up a hobby or a sport together (not wrestling though lol), join a book club, or even take a class together.
Do some volunteer work together then not only will they get to know each other better they will develop a servant heart (very important in any relationship) and if the relationship does not work out for them then it will still have been time well spent for both of them.
Go walking with a rambling group or jogging together.
What about a visit to a good book shop - especially one with a coffee shop attached.
Go to a children’s playground play and talk about the dreams you had as children, all the things you wanted to do and see and the places you wanted to go. it’s a great way to find common ground and differences.
Most of all relax and remember that anything worth building is worth laying good foundations for.