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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: Procrastination Attack!

One of my newest ways of avoiding procrastinating over tasks is to pick the “right” time to do something:-
The right time to read the bible with my boys is right after breakfast - so it can renew their minds all day (if its before breakfast it is harder to hold their attention). Also if something comes up and something has to be left out it wont be God’s word!
The right time to clean my family room is on a Monday afternoon - why because my husband is in bed after completing his 4 night week. Then when he gets up the place he will spend most of his free time on his days off is in good shape.
The right time to plan my menus and shopping list is on Monday evening - why because I can do it while I relax with hubby and the boys as they watch a movie or something in the family room.
The right time to do the shopping is Tuesday - why because my hubby is off work (and not asleep) and most of the local markets are on that day! Also I go to a prayer meeting on Tuesday evening and because I have been shopping I am already dressed for the great outdoors (You have to have done homeschool in your pj’s to get that one lol).
The right time to do the laundry and lesson preparation is on Wednesday - why because that is everyone else’s day off!! (my boys have Wednesday and Sunday off from school work).
The right time to do the bedrooms is on Thursday - why because if I am going to be husbandless in the bedroom for 4 nights then it should as least be as pleasant as possible in there!!
The right time to clean the bathroom (minus tub) is when the little one is playing in the bath.
There are so many thing which are easier if you just find the right time to do them.

Have visitors come and see you often………….if possible have regular days when people come and see you - it is very inspiring when it comes to fighting the dust bunnies.

Have pretty things………… I don’t mean expensive things just things you like ……….you will want to do your housekeeping so that you can see them properly!!

Treat your self to some me time when you have completed a dreaded task - for me that is bible study, sewing and reading (the me time that is not the dreaded task hee hee).

And last but not least next time you tackle a “dreaded task” write down how you felt afterwards………..then next time whip it out and read it ………….because you WILL want to feel like that again!