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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: Yummy Lunches

I use a four week meal plan for all the meals when my husband is here with me and the 2 boys. These are the items on that which I can do for lunch, although some are listed as breakfasts I would still use them for lunch on another day if it was convenient.

Lunch Potato Hash
Lunch Tinned Pie/Meat Pudding and chips (French Fries to you)
Lunch Cheese and tomato pasta
Breakfast Bacon butties (Sandwiches to you)
Breakfast Cheese on Toast
Breakfast Scrambled eggs and beans
Lunch Scotch pie and beans
Lunch Cheese and bean tortillas
Breakfast Beans on toast
Breakfast Sausage butties (Sandwiches to you)
Breakfast Bacon and eggs
Lunch Southern Fried chicken and American fries
Lunch Lamb grills/Beef burgers
Breakfast Egg butties (Sandwiches to you)
Breakfast Beans and sausage on toast
Breakfast Pancakes
Lunch Liver and bacon with noodles or egg fried rice
Lunch Chilli and rice
Breakfast Potato scones and tomatoes
Breakfast Boiled eggs and Toast
Breakfast Sausage and eggs

Some days we go for a plain old sandwich (butties to me) For the other days I tend to use up leftovers or make home made soups with plenty of vegetables and some beans and pulses thrown in. The combination varies every time I make a pan because it always depends on what is lurking in the fridge.

One good tip is to freeze small bits of leftover meat or vegetables and when you have a few bits throw them all in a soup.

Also one of my boys wont eat his veggies except corn so I make sure he gets his by liquidising them and putting them in soups and sauces (this has been known to work on the husband too lol)