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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: What Have You Been Saying You Want to Do for Far Too Long???

I have been putting off living MY life for far too long…………..
I took a look at all the Christian books I have read (and those sitting waiting to be read) and realised that I was so wrapped up in looking at the relationships others were having with Christ that I was forgetting to have mine.
Mine is like no other - He created me to have that relationship with him and no-one else can do it! If I don’t have that relationship with Him he will miss out on it and so will I.
When I first became a Christian everything was so simple - First I believed and it gave me joy - then I started to talk to God and he started to talk to me - simple.
Then I started to listen to other people. Some of what I listened to was good, very good. Most of what I listened to was not good at all.
Apparently I was naïve because God does not speak to people these days (must have been hearing things) and His word could not be taken literally (funny I thought He was the TRUTH, the Way and the Life). I was also childish because I did not always sing and worship like everyone else.
I was left feeling like I constantly running to keep up. After all I did not get saved until 2 days before my 38th birthday and I had not been brought up in “the church”.
I lost much of my joy and was left striving and feeling like a second class Christian. I wanted to be holy like those around me - big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!
I needed to take my focus off other believers and get it back on Jesus! I still want to be Holy but Holy like my Father is Holy! So today this very minute I am going back to the simple life. No more striving just resting in Jesus.
I wont even have to strive to be holy any more because as I talk to Him and listen for His voice, spending in His presence His holiness will rub off on me.
Grab your chance with both hands - Live YOUR own life - it’s the one He created for you and the one he created you to live.