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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: What ONE Message Changed Your Life???

A book I didn’t buy on purpose changed my life……

A few months after becoming a Christian (at the age of 38) I went to the local Christian bookshop with one book on my shopping list. When I got there they had a “buy one get one half price offer” on selected books and sure enough the book I wanted was included in the offer.
Not being one to EVER look a gift horse in the mouth I selected another book in the offer in order to get a “good deal”. Being a new Christian I had not heard of any of the other books and so made my choice because I spotted a book which was a beautiful pink colour and had fancy writing. (Yes I really am that shallow lol).
Well when Elizabeth George wrote A Woman After God’s Own Heart the Lord must have spoken to her and said “Liz make it pink and through in some fancy writing because there is a woman out there who really needs this book”. Good job she was listening because He was so right.
I started to read and could not put it down. She made me laugh, she made me cry. I thought she had been looking in my windows!!!
She told the story of a man who came in from work and the only one who gave him any attention was the dog. This spoke to me (or should I say it screamed in my ear). You see every day when my hubby came in from work he used to made me a cup of coffee and what did I do to greet him zilch!
So I decided to change - when he arrived I had a cup of coffee ready for him! (and a bowl of cereal - as for some reason he likes to have one when he comes in). How did he respond - you would think I would have gotten a “oh darling how kind and sweet of you!” Nope his actual reaction was “What’s wrong?”
I was mortified - he thought there had to be something wrong for me to be nice to him. My wonderful husband made me feel like a worm!! This is where my journey to be a woman, a wife and a mother after God’s own heart began and has been ongoing ever since.
Thank you Lord for asking for plenty of pink and fancy writing!