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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: Shoestring Date Ideas!

Having a good date on a shoestring can often be just a case of ceasing the moment and making the best of the circumstances, but even so it is not something to always leave to chance or you may find that a long time has passed since you and your honey have spent some “quality” time together.
Although going to a good restaurant or away on a long weekend together is wonderful some of the best and most fun dates are those which don’t cost the earth. There are some seasons in our lives when we have to be creative in order to have our date time - but this can add to the fun!
We live in the UK and don’t celebrate independence day here (or the great escape as we like to call it lol) but we do use fireworks on bon fire night 5th November. A lovely cosy date night is to pack up a flask of hot soup or hot chocolate and some snacks and drive to the top of a hill and watch the fireworks while snuggling under a cosy blanket.
I don’t watch much TV but I do like to pick one regular favourite show to watch each week with my sweetie once the little one has gone to bed. When that series ends we simply pick a new favourite - but is just for the two of us and we look forward to it.
We live in a city, but when we get away on holiday there is nothing more romantic than a moonlit walk along the beach late at night. If you live anywhere near a beach or lake don’t miss out on this - it’s the best even in the winter!
One of our local parks has a wonderful pets corner with bunnies, sheep, goats and even lamas a very cute walk with your cutie.
How about a special grown up dinner, after the kids go to bed, or better still send them to Grandma’s for the night. Cook something that you both love to eat and make sure you lay a beautiful table and add some candles. You can even have some music at the ready so you can go dancing afterwards.
Today when I look out of the window it reminds me of Narnia as there is so much snow out there. So how about ceasing this moment and building a snowman with your love dove? And for the more adventurous what about a snowball fight, or even some sledging? But it has to be followed by cosy snuggling to warm up afterwards. You could even put the electric blanket on before you go out so that you can dive under the cosy covers when you get back!