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Sunday, 10 May 2009

MOMMY HOMEWORK: Strategies for Tight-Knit Families!

Warning! Warning! Don’t do what I did!!

When I first became a Christian I was very misguided and spent every evening involved in church activities, while leaving my poor children and unsaved Hubby at home.

Thankfully this did not last for ever, but it does serve as a great example of how not to have a close knit family!

The reason I changed what I was doing was not because my family complained, but because I found out what God’s picture of a woman, a wife and a mother really looks like.

Fathers may be the head of the household and, therefore, the leaders of the family, but as mothers we should be the one who guide the family along behind him. If we are not close behind him how can we expect them to be.

So this is where we need to start. Invest time and effort into your relationship with your husband. This is the second biggest gift you can give to your children (the first is of course to invest in your relationship with the Lord). This is how the wise woman builds up her home (instead of tearing it down with her own hands).

Take advice from older (more mature in the Lord) women about how to love your husband and children and take care of your home (this is not my idea - it’s God’s).

Pray, pray and pray some more…..
Study your family and become an expert on there needs and the things they enjoy. Then act on your knowledge.

Never compare your family to anyone else’s. This is the family the Lord blessed you with thank Him for them regularly and enjoy them because this is your perfect appointed place.