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Thursday, 21 May 2009

There is a little man......

Lord give me the grace I need this day and grow in me the gentle and quiet spirit that is so precious to you.....

There is a little man living in my house who truly knows how to enjoy life.

I asked him last night if he was happy and he said yes - when I asked him why he was happy he said because we had supper.

He counts down the days every week until it is Sunday and he gets to go to church. When I asked him why he says it is because he gets to hear about God and sing to him, pray and read the word of God.

He counts down to Tuesday nights too because that is when he goes to a prayer meeting and when the day draws near he gets so excited because he says he can't wait to talk to God with his friends and see what God will do.

If you ever mention to this little man that you are not feeling well or have a need the first words from his lips are that he will pray to God to help you and in the same breath he leaps into His Fathers arms and speaks into his ear.

If he ever gets hurt and it makes him cry he stops once a prayer has been uttered on his behalf because he knows that all is then well in his world even if it looks like nothing has changed.

There is a little man living in my house who is five years old and knows that Jesus is in his heart...............