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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: Valentine’s Day Plans

I got married on Valentines day and for several years my hubby and I have taken a short 2 night break at a bed and breakfast to celebrate our anniversary. It is wonderful to get away and reconnect and remember why we are together in the first place.
Not that we forget our home and family because as we travel round quaint little shops and enjoy fun places and wonderful sights we almost invariably talk about how much the kids would love the place and often bring them on another trip.
This also means that when we bring them next to the same place we get to relive our memories and talk to them about the great time we had.
Because we have a big cooked breakfast we only usually only eat out once each day, but we do pack a bag of snacks to cuddle up and share in the privacy of our own room maybe while watching a film.
One of the best places we visited while on one of these trips was a little car museum, it was not a fancy place by any stretch of the imagination but we had a fantastic time. It was in the back part of a modern car showroom, but they had not only the vintage cars, but also parts and fitting as well as other memorabilia of a bygone age. The smell of the old oil was completely unlike the modern stuff and brought back a flood of childhood memories for us both which gave us lots to share with each other which we had not thought of before.
We never go too far on these little trips, so that we don’t waste our couple to days travelling but even that seems like a joy when you haven’t got squabbling childibeasts in the back of the car lol.
I always try to buy some pretty new nightwear or underwear for these trips as well just to make me feel that bit more special!!
I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s ideas.