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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mommy Homework: Love Dares for Our Daughters

One thing I would want to share with my daughter is the pain it causes me to have an unsaved husband.

Not because he doesn’t attend church with me, study the bible or pray with me. But because of the absolute terror and horror of knowing that someone I love so much may have to face eternity in hell and that I would have to spend eternity with out him! It is like constantly watching your loved one stepping into the path of an oncoming express train and not quite being able to reach them to pull them back.

I became a Christian after I married and that is why I am unequally yoked. Of course I never give up hope that my darling will one day (and God willing soon) come to know Jesus and thereby come into relationship with his heavenly Father.

I would also want her to know that she can rely on Jesus to be her fulfilment so that she does not have to expect to get fulfilment from her husband - who after all is only human and liable to make mistakes - just like the rest of us.

A very big thing and something which takes a lot of getting used to is making him her number one (earthly) priority - not the kids, not the house and definitely not the friends - not even me (boo hoo lol)

She must also remember that her husband is not a mind reader - so she needs to learn to communicate with him.

She also needs to know that she is not a mind reader either and not assume that she knows what he wants or needs.

She needs to be prepared to compromise and constantly learn how her hubby ticks. He needs to be her new study assignment - study his needs, his likes and dislikes and his moods. When he is quiet or surly is it best to leave him alone or try to cheer him up - these are things that can only be learned through experience and only then if we pay attention to them.

Most of all just love him and love him and love him!!!!!!!!!!